Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Some NBA Players


Here are some pretty surprising facts you probably didn’t know about some NBA players:

Kyle Korver

You know him as the Atlanta Hawk that can shoot the deep ball, but you probably don’t know that Kyle Korver also works as a stunt double for Ashton Kutcher. Kyle and Ashton became fast friends when they met on the set of the movie Killers, and have remained close ever since. The two have often been spotted out together in LA high-fiving and telling one another how good looking they are. When asked by a reporter about their friendship, Korver offered this eloquent reply: “It was just like…this totally brodacious bromance from the start ya know? I was all ‘Sup bro I’m Kyle’ and he was all ‘Sup bro I’m Ashton’ and before I knew it we were just riding this broller coaster of bromotion…ya know?” The reporter did not know.

Dwight Howard

Still recovering from a serious back injury, it’s no surprise Dwight Howard didn’t play his best basketball this season. However, what is surprising about the 6’11 center is his bizarre affinity for tiny tank tops. Howard began wearing tank tops at the tender age of 3 and refused to go up in size, despite growing into a giant. Howard says he enjoys the extra tight fit because it simulates a loving hug which never ends. He credits the tank tops, or “terrific tankies” as he affectionately calls them, with getting him through this difficult season. Howard recently made news when he caused a scene at a Gap Kids after the manager told him they were out of hot pink tanks. The gigantic man baby was seen later that day pulling one off of a defenseless toddler.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

You’d be hard pressed to find a more fearless and talented 1-2 punch in the NBA. Ironically, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are in fact deathly afraid of thunder. Rumors have been circulating about Durant and Westbrook holding one another closely on the team bus during a recent thunderstorm. Further, an anonymous teammate swears that on multiple occasions he’s heard the pair gently whispering the “Thunder Buddy” song into each other’s ears.

Iman Shumpert

When he’s not playing lockdown defense on the court, Iman Shumpert plays loving father to a family of blue birds…that lives in his hair. Shumpert found the group of forlorn birds on the side of a road and immediately gave them shelter inside his plentiful and luxurious flat top palace. One of the birds defected for a short time to Tyson Chandler’s beard but quickly returned after complaining that “it smelled weird in there.” Shumpert feeds the birds twice a day in typical mama bird fashion. The sparrows living in Andrew Bynum’s hair are reportedly quite jealous.

Serge Ibaka

He’s become one of the best shot blockers in the NBA, and has recently taken big strides in the improvement of his all-around game. In his spare time however, Serge Ibaka enjoys frequenting local parks and hitting unsuspecting men in the testicles. Ibaka generally follows up the act by shouting “YOU JUST GOT SERGED!” His favorite band is B2K. Team doctors have diagnosed him with a case of “Extreme Douchebaggery.” Ibaka’s thunder buddy teammates are the odds-on favorite as the next to GET SERGED!



-Written by: Nalin Kaul

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