The NBA’s Top 5 Most Overplayed Players


There are 48 total minutes in the duration of an NBA game. Typically, the best players on any given franchise will average somewhere around 36 – 38 minutes in per contest. In some cases, however, there are players that are spending way too much time on the court compared to their skill level, production and overall effect on the outcome of a game. Here at NOTSC, we’ve comprised as list of the top 5 most overplayed athletes in today’s NBA.

#5: Boobie Gibson – Now the Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t exactly stocked with talent, but right now Boobie Gibson is overstepping his boundaries in terms of deserved minutes played. Even if he were to only play ten minutes per game, that’s way too many for someone named after a tit. (Exception: Nipples McGee was a very productive player for the Celtics during the ’67-’68 season).

#4: Jason Kidd – The old pro has played well considering his physical limitations, but there’s a huge concern for all the younger fans of the game that have never seen a dead body. Right now, Kidd is averaging 27 minutes per game, but we’d like to see that drop down to about 15 so he doesn’t pass away suddenly during a time out, exposing innocent young children to their first cadaver.

#3: Dwight Howard – Dwight actually petitioned to be on this list himself as he feels he needs more time to explore his acting career in Los Angeles. Basketball has really been getting in the way of his goals, so he’s kindly requesting he play one game every week at most and please, no practices.

#2: The guy that replaces LeBron James – We’re not sure who it is, but someone is playing during the 10 minutes per contest when LeBron James takes an unneeded breather. Whoever they are, they are smaller, slower and dumber than LeBron, thus they are really chaffing our ass by depriving us of his play. Is it Shane Battier? Tell me it’s Shane Battier. I hate that guy.

#1: The Entire Charlotte Bobcats Roster – This was a difficult one because our sports scientists here at NOTSC couldn’t entirely confirm whether or not the Bobcats were actually “playing basketball” during their minutes on the court. It does seem, however, that it’d be best for the league if they all pursued other careers, perhaps something in finance or clerical.

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