SOURCES: Nets interested in Vince Young to complete Dream Team


Deron Williams. Joe Johnson. Paul Pierce. Kevin Garnett. Brook Lopez. Jason Terry. Andrei Kirilenko. Arguably will be the greatest one and done team in NBA history. But it’s still missing something (Two things if you count team chemistry. Three if you count actual head coaching experience. Four if you…well you get the idea.). When you’re constructing a dream team, there’s always one person that has to be a part of it.  You guessed it, Mr. college graduate and two time pro bowler himself: Vince Young.

You can’t have a dream team without Vince Young. The YMCA flag football team he’s currently playing on with Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson would certainly agree. So how are the Nets going to sign him? Well, how did they sign Andrei Kirilenko? Exactly. They’ll figure out something (cough under-the-table-money cough). Where would they play him? Well he didn’t really “play” with his last dream team, the Eagles. And when he did…INTERCEPTION! Fumble! Sack! Tears! Rinse, repeat. They just need to get him on the roster to make it official.

According to sources, they’re going to scout some of his flag football games first before they decide for sure. Vince both starts at QB at the YMCA and works as a janitor while the defense is on the field, a skill he developed while stuck on the bench in Philadelphia. He scrubs a mean toilet, and the Nets are very intrigued. They also love his trash-handling ability. “He handles trash like a 20 year all pro garbageman,” said one Nets scout. Vince put up big numbers in Philadelphia, throwing out an impressive 12 bags of trash per game.

So he can both take care of all the empty liquor bottles Jason Kidd leaves all over the place and play the last 2 minutes while they’re up 30 on the Bobcats. Now that’s versatility. As long as they don’t let him pass the ball, or even touch the ball to begin with, the Nets can sign Vince Young and finally complete the Dream Team. Then they can do what Dream Teams do: finish .500. And for the Nets, that’s one hell of a season.

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