NFL discovers Cowboys, Seahawks wore each other’s uniforms

Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys

“…and, with that Tony Romo interception…the Cowboys will lose.” People around the world expected to hear these words this past Sunday with the Cowboys in Seattle to take on the Champs. Yet they never came, because the Cowboys won. No one could understand why or how this happened. People sat and stared at their phones in disbelief for hours, waiting for the obvious error to be corrected.

Like this guy:

Yet it never changed. Seattle fans were beyond confused.

“I thought I was tripping when Dallas was dominating with their running game, their QB wasn’t turning the ball over, and they were playing lights out defense, while Seattle was afraid to run or pass, couldn’t stop anyone, and only stayed in the game by some fluke play,” a Seattle fan who was at the game said. “It was like opposite day. I thought I was so stoned. I tried turning down the volume in my car to help me think about this and I don’t even have a car. Well I mean…I WAS stoned but that’s not the point. The point is something really messed up was going on.”

Indeed there was. After the Cowboys won, Roger Goodell ordered a complete investigation into this game (he claims he still hasn’t seen any video of it), NFL researchers made an amazing discovery. The Cowboys and Seahawks actually wore each other’s uniforms. For an entire game.

“For real? We did? Man I gotta lay off the adderall,” Richard Sherman said after finding out about the mistake. He quickly corrected himself. “Uh…adderall? I don’t know anything about any adderall. All I know is I’m THE BEST COWBOY IN THE GAME.” He then went on a 227 minute rant about how the “real Cowboys” were too “mediocre” to wear their uniforms.

What did Tony Romo think about this? “You know I threw that late pick and no one was laughing at me,” Romo commented. “I couldn’t figure out why. Now I know. They thought I was Russell Wilson. No one hates that guy. He’s so little and cute. I just want to take him home and put him as a decoration in my lawn.”


Russell goes great in a lawn, or in a garden

What will be the consequences of this mistake? Well despite what you might think, Roger is keeping the results. He has another punishment in mind.

“Fines, fines, and more fines,” Goodell said. “I’m going to fine the pants off of these guys. And then I’m going to fine them for not wearing any pants. They don’t call this the National Fine League for no reason.”

Uh Roger they don’t actually call it the National Fi…never mind. We don’t want to get fined for correct…crap.

Too late.

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