NFL Week 15 #boldpredictions


Each week we like to do our take on NFL Network’s #boldpredictions. Here are NOTSC’s predictions for Week 15’s games (and if you missed, the one before TNF):


Chargers at Broncos: San Diego will stun the world and manage to not blow a lead in a primetime game. Really. (okay fine, we wrote this after the game)

Bears at Browns: Running out of options at QB, Cleveland will turn to their ball boy in the 2nd half. And after he throws for 300 yards, they’ll start Brandon Weeden again next week. Why? One word: #Cleveland

Texans at Colts: After yet another loss, Wade Phillips will attempt to solve his team’s problems by naming JJ Watt starting QB, RB, WR, TE, T, G, C, DE, DT, OLB, MLB, CB, FS, SS, K, and P. He’s gonna be busy.

Bills at Jaguars: TV executives will be stunned when they find out a whopping ten people watched this game

Patriots at Dolphins: Cameron Wake will be ejected, suspended, fined, and deported for looking at Tom Brady across the line of scrimmage

Eagles at Vikings: After the game, the Vikings will be demoted to where a team with a starting backfield of Matt Cassel and Matt Asiata belongs: Conference USA

Seahawks at Giants: Eli Manning will attempt to compete with Matt Ryan by unveiling his new line of earrings:


49ers at Bucs: After the win, Colin Kaepernick will brag about beating his “fellow in-state rivals” the Bucs, and then be reminded he doesn’t play for the Dolphins

Jets at Panthers: Mark Sanchez will see his first action for the Jets all year, playing waterboy after a long lay off. He’ll get benched from that too.

Chiefs at Raiders: After beating yet another backup QB, the Chiefs will cut off Matt McGloin’s head and add it to their wall of backups

Packers at Cowboys: Tony Romo will set NFL records with 600 yards passing and 8 TDs. And get blamed when his team loses. #BlameRomo

Saints at Rams: Bored, Drew Brees will play the game blindfolded and still throw for 400 yards and 4 TDs.

Cardinals at Titans: Chris Johnson will complain to the media after another 30 yard rushing performance, and translated to English it will mean roughly “turkey clock red tennis”

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