NFL Week 16 #boldpredictions


Each week we like to do our take on NFL Network’s #boldpredictions. Here are NOTSC’s predictions for NFL Week 16’s games.


Dolphins at Bills:  Thad Lewis will get benched. Not for turnovers, for giving the ball 20 times to CJ Spiller. The Bills don’t take kindly to folks who use CJ Spiller.

Saints at Panthers: After taking over the division lead, Cam Newton’s father will demand a check from every single Panther fan for the “right to be a fan of his son’s division leading team”

Vikings at Bengals: Adrian Peterson will score a touchdown while dragging the entire Bengals defense to the end zone. #CarriedTheTeamOnHisBackDoe

Broncos at Texans: Matt Schaub will get intercepted 6 times by Andre Johnson while trying to throw pick sixes.

Titans at Jaguars: After getting swept by the Jaguars, the Titans will announce they are folding the franchise. Chris Johnson will go back to 2nd grade to try to learn how to speak English.

Colts at Chiefs: Everyone will be amazed when Alex Smith throws a pass that travels 10 whole yards in the air #CannonArm

Browns at Jets: The Jets will do the unthINTERCEPTED! (Check to find our bold prediction for this game.)

Bucs at Rams: Facing the media after a loss, Mike Glennon will respond to a question by telling one of them that his “mom goes to college.” Gosh!

Cowboys at Redskins: With the playoffs on the line, the Cowboys defense will step up and hold Kirk Cousins to only 500 yards passing.

Giants at Lions: Eli Manning will finish with more passes completed to his own team than to the Lions (for Eli, that’s bold. Very bold.)

Cardinals at Seahawks: After giving up 3 touchdowns to Larry Fitzgerald, Richard Sherman will brag on twitter about “shutting him down.”

Steelers at Packers: Mike Tomlin will step on to the field in front of a Matt Flynn pass, pick it off, and run it back for a touchdown. Then after an elaborate touchdown dance, call the whole thing an “accident.”

Raiders at Chargers: Philip Rivers will make yet another weird face (and he’s made plenty: after throwing an interception. And it’ll get stuck that way. (should’ve listened to your mom, Phil.)

Falcons at 49ers: After the game, Atlanta will apologize for not waiting till the playoffs to choke this year

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