2013 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions: Western Conference Semifinals


How about them quarterfinals, eh? We saw the Canucks get humiliated in four games by the Sharks, the Leafs inhale themselves (because choking is a drastic understatement), and the Islanders take Marc-Andre Fleury out of the playoffs with them. While our predictions were about as accurate as a Paul Bissonnette shot, we here at NOTSC don’t really care, and to prove it, we’re gonna try to predict the Semifinals, because why not? Granted, the odds of these being 100% accurate are about the same as the chances of you winning one of those #bucciovertimechallenge shirts, but people still flock to that game, so we will continue on. Enjoy.


Western Conference

1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. 7) Detroit Red Wings

The hockey gods love us. Due to realignment, these two rivals will be separated after the season, and their glorious rivalry will fall by the wayside. But what a last hurrah.

That said, this series probably won’t be as exciting as people think. Chicago demolished Minnesota in 5 games, and a fluke overtime goal by the Wild’s Jason Zucker (Not Ryan Suter or Zach Parise, my friends. Jason. Zucker.) is the only thing that kept it from being a sweep. Detroit, on the other hand, had to rally to force a Game 7 against the Ducks.  The only saving grace that Detroit has is that Jimmy Howard is better than Josh Harding. That might slow the tide of goals, but it won’t stop them. This series will be as swift and brutal as a Todd Bertuzzi sucker punch, and, unfortunately for Detroit, their eight-legged friends won’t be able to save them this time.

Prediction: Blackhawks over Red Wings in 5


5) Los Angeles Kings vs. 6) San Jose Sharks

Another rivalry match in the semifinals pretty much proves the Western Conference side of the semifinals will be the most interesting side (Sorry, fans wishing for the Pens-Sens slugfest). San Jose endeared themselves to many hockey fans by kicking the Canucks out of the playoffs in quick fashion, while the Kings lost fans when Dustin Brown decided that clean body checks are for wusses and was caught (by us, no less) trying to both do an illegal knee check AND an elbow to the head of a Blues player.

This series will be an interesting one to follow. Both teams have superb goaltending in Jonathan Quick and Antti Niemi, scoring all throughout the lineup, and the desire to move on to the Finals. However, the Kings wish to repeat as champions, and with Dustin Brown’s mean streak resurfacing, the Sharks may find themselves up a creek. (That was a terrible pun, I’m sorry.)

Prediction: Kings over Sharks in 6

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