2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions: Western Conference Finals


Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of conference matchups. The winner of the next two series gets the honor of playing for the Stanley Cup (which shouldn’t even be played for this year, since half the season was erased due to a lockout, tainting the honor of being inscribed on the glorious trophy, but I digress.)

Who moves on? The Penguins, and their Miami Heat-esque roster that took the Ottawa Senators and ROFL-stomped them? What about the Bruins, who survived a 3-1 deficit to the Maple Leafs? (On second thought, maybe that collapse was to be expected. It’s the Leafs, after all.) Maybe the Blackhawks, who rallied from a 3-1 deficit to the Red Wings and won in dramatic fashion after a referee (whose name I won’t publish for his protection) decided to call Buffalo Wild Wings and keep the game alive when it appeared that the Blackhawks had won late in the 3rd period? Or maybe the Kings, who need back-to-back Stanley Cup titles to finally be able to make sexual assault jokes with impunity?

Here at NOTSC, we pride ourselves on putting our spin on things. Predictions, especially. After all, what up-and-coming parody website would we be if we didn’t try to put our spin on game predictions? So, here are the next set of predictions for you to enjoy.


Western Conference Finals

1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. 5) Los Angeles Kings

I believe I said it earlier, but just in case I haven’t, the Western Conference series have been way more exciting. While Boston played a compelling series against Toronto, it seems like every series in the West goes the distance (except Vancouver: the exception to the rule).

Enter these two. The Blackhawks rallied from a 3-1 deficit against the Red Wings and won in overtime, even though they should have won in regulation (I’m not complaining, just stating the facts). The Kings and Sharks went back and forth all series long, but the Kings finally came out on top in a Game 7 thriller against the Sharks. Chicago-LA should make for a very exciting matchup, eh?

This series will be a close one. Both teams have scoring all throughout their respective lineups. Defense is pretty steady, too. The area of focus in this series is definitely goaltender. The Kings have Jonathan Quick, who can flat out carry the team when he has to. The Blackhawks have Corey Crawford, who plays way outside his ability.

Predicting this series is surprisingly difficult. Logic dictates handing the series to the Kings for having an all-pro goalie, but Chicago has a load of talent when it comes to scoring. The x-factor in this series is not a player. Actually, the thing to watch is the “soft goal.” Quick doesn’t allow them. Crawford does. If these goals start occurring, the Kings will take this series. If not, the Blackhawks have a shot. Still, the series seems to favor the Kings. Jimmy Howard was capable of handling the Blackhawks, and Quick is better than Howard. Take a breath, Lakers, er, Clippers, er, Dodgers, er, Kings fans! This series should go in favor for you guys. (By the way, that little black object you see on the ice is called a “puck.” Got it?)

Prediction: Kings over Blackhawks in 6

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