NOTSC’s single sport accounts now all have their own show


A year after we made our web debut, we’re making some more changes on our first birthday. After all, you get older, you need to do things like get botox to seem younger. So we’re giving all of our individual twitter accounts botox. And it’s actually not an April Fool’s joke…we swear.

We still have the same authors, who will tweet the same content, and write up the same web content…they’ll just have new names on twitter. All of the single sport twitter accounts now have their own ESPN show to parody. After all, there’s a lot more on ESPN to make fun of/imitate/mock/whatever than just SportsCenter.

@NOTSCNFL is now —> @NOTNFLLive (NFL Live)

@NOTSCMLB is now —> @NOTMLBTonight (Baseball Tonight)

@TheNBAonNOTSC is now —> @NOTNBATonight (NBA Tonight)

@NOTSCCollege is now —> @NOTGameday (College Gameday)

Except hockey of course, because the only time ESPN cares about that is if they ask LeBron who he thinks will win the Stanley Cup.

So for NOTSCNHL we went outside the box.

@NOTSCNHL is now —> @NOTNHLTonight (NHL Tonight…okay it wasn’t THAT far out of the box.)

So go follow your favorite sports/shows. Unfortunately Wendi Nix and Sam Ponder didn’t come with the new names, damn them and their marriages. Oh well.

But they’ll go by their new names on the website as well. We also plan on reviving @YoursAIdiot and giving you a look at our mentions (if you haven’t seen the web version, look under home at the top and click on Yours A Idiot to check it out), once we decide on a new name for that as well (once you get botox, you really can’t ever stop, it’s like pringles), along with taking submissions which we’re currently doing.

More changes are ahead as well, including follower submitted Top tens with actual give aways (hard to top the nothing giveaways, we know) and much more. If you’re potentially interested in joining the staff, talk to me (@NOTSCWill on twitter) and I’ll see if there’s a place for you. I’m definitely looking for more web contributors. Glad you all have joined us for the first year, much more hilarity to come!


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