NOTSC’s Top 10 Funniest stories of the Week 02/16-02/23


These are the 10 funniest NOTSportsCenter stories/tweets/statuses/hatings of your team/whatever you want to call them of the week from across NOTSC, determined by writer selection and ranked by Retweet count from twitter.

This week featured Serge Ibaka, LeBron, Carmelo Anthony, Michael Jordan, Tony Romo, Canada, Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse and more.

Click through (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and re-live or catch up on what you missed in the past week, with some extra commentary thrown in for #HumorReasons. Enjoy!

#10 Yao Ming brought his comedy act to the NBA All-Star game

Turns out his partner here is actually his agent.

Pretty impressive to be represented by a wooden puppet.

Probably makes contract negotiations pretty tough, however.

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