Panthers Introduce Rinkside Obstructed View Seating


With fans few and far between in Florida, Panthers season ticket-holders seem to show up only due to feeling obligated to keep their money from going to waste. Management has stepped up to reward those fans by beginning to install glass around the rink that does not have its protective cover peeled off, obstructing the view of the fans behind it.


Seats behind covered glass now selling for double on StubHub

Panthers President Michael Yormark explained the move: “We’re all about innovation and believe this will encourage fans to come out and still have the experience of being at a professional sporting event without actually having to watch the game. It’s basically the layman’s equivalent of our Club Red, the section behind the teams’ benches, except instead of ignoring the game from a posh lounge behind the seating area, they are placed behind what looks like a plywood board. If this takes off, we may hang drapes from the rafters to block the view from the upper level.”

The obstructed view works both way and, in an ironic twist of fate, may be encouraging the team to play better.  After the first of the covered glass panes was installed late in their most recent home game, the Panthers scored a goal to get to overtime where they defeated the Red Wings in a shootout. “I’ve never seen this team that determined,” head coach Peter Horacheck told reporters after the contest. “ Maybe it was easier to focus without being distracted by so many empty seats.”

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