Petition to declare the Yankees’ elimination a national holiday


Budweiser and Ozzie Smith (among others) have combined to begin a promotion attempting to make MLB’s Opening Day a national holiday via a petition on We here at NOTSCMLB wholeheartedly encourage this as we are nothing if not lazy enough to take advantage of another holiday off from work. In our opinion, why stop at just Opening Day? We deserve more holidays. We have not seen our government add any bogus national holidays since “Christmas 2″ and “Love Day.”

It is with this in mind that we here at NOTSCMLB have begun our own petition to attempt to have the day the New York Yankees are eliminated declared a national holiday. From the petition…

The day the New York Yankees are eliminated each season is more than just the end of their postseason aspirations. It’s a symbol of hope. The return of America’s national pastime to those who don’t try to simply buy championships. You can feel the electricity in the air. The Yankees’ elimination comes with it the promise of a new beginning. Every fan that matters is in good spirits. It’s a day of celebration. It’s a day of hope. It’s a day that, for generations, has been looked forward to by baseball fans every season. It’s an American tradition and it deserves to be recognized as an American holiday. Join us in our quest to make sure every American can exercise their inalienable right to celebrate the day those four magical words are uttered for the first time: “THE YANKS ARE DONE!”

We had considered adding a petition to have the day the Chicago Cubs are eliminated declared a national holiday, but Budweiser has already started one for Opening Day.


We are relying on our great NOTSportsCenter readers to get this petition off the ground and take it public. It will take 150 signatures to get our petition posted publicly on the Open Petitions section of the White House’s “We The People” web site, spread the word!

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