10 of the funniest Gameday Signs from Ohio State-Michigan State


These are 10 of the funniest #GameDaySigns from Gameday’s appearance for Ohio State-Michigan State that take shots at just about everything. They aren’t in any particular order, although the guy listed at the end will no doubt claim he’s number 1 (Just like the winner of the SEC title game, regardless of the other results).

Last Gameday of the year, and they chose not to go to the SEC title game. One of these signs in here would be appropriate to put here. You’ll see.

There’s everything in here from where Nick Saban’s coaching next to how the B1G thinks Alabama would do (hint: it’s not undefeated)

Till next year, Gameday signs.



Ohio State fan has something for Mark May


(pic via @JamesWelshUSA)

This was actually on TV. He must mean nuts, like the Buckeye. That must be it.

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