Ok. State G Marcus Smart changes his name to “Ron Artest Jr.”


Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart was once considered an elite prospect like Andrew Wiggins. Lately, his draft stock has been crashing faster than Enron’s did after their secrets were discovered, probably because there’s no real good name like “suck for luck” for him. (Fart for smart? Maybe.)

Here’s a look at Marcus Smart’s career highlights. Note the awards section:


Late in their loss against Texas Tech, Smart had an encounter with an older fan, who said something Smart clearly didn’t like. Possibly pointing out that he’ll never be able to flop as well as he needs to in order to play for the Heat, who knows. It led to this:

(Vine via @MattNorlander)

Smart immediately recognized what this might do to whatever is left of draft stock, so he decided to make an immediate name change. He’s now “Ron Artest Jr.” He also apologized for his actions, sort of. Smart: “I’m sorry how could I have been so foolish blah blah whatever forced stupid thing you expect me to say, just wrote that I said it and make it sound like I meant it please. Unless I can argue that someone hacked my brain. Can I argue that?” Probably not Marcus. At least, not yet. Give it time.


Marcus Smart’s inspiration

But why Ron Artest junior? Smart: “Well knowing Metta World whatever the hell he calls himself now, he might change back to Ron Artest some day. So I’ll go with junior for now. But this should guarantee me a spot in the NBA, I mean look at Metta. He’s played for damn near every team in the league and the only thing he’s done in the last 5 years is elbow James Harden. I should be good to go come draft day.” He’s got a point there.

Will the gamble pay off? Will he start a special rap career like Metta and randomly pimp his music in sideline interviews? Will we see Malace at the Palace II? Will Vince McMahon call and invite him for a special college basketball edition of WWE Raw? Who knows. We’re hoping for all of the above.


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