GIF: Mavericks Implement New Ozone Defense


Most sports fans are familiar with the differences between “man-to-man defense” and “zone defense”.  Against the Miami Heat Friday night, the Dallas Mavericks abandoned both, putting into effect the brand new “ozone defense”, apparently named because it has holes the size of the Earth’s ozone layer.


Mavs’ head coach Rick Carlisle told a sideline reporter at halftime that their standard defense has been so poor so far this season that “we’re willing to try anything. With the ozone defense, at least we aren’t expending as much energy on that half of the floor.  Hopefully translates to more offense on our part.”

To quote the great color analyst, Pepper Brooks: “It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ‘em.”

Miami Heat 110, Dallas Mavericks 104

Appropriately, the game was in Miami, Dallas likely got a “good job, good effort” on their way off the court.  Looks like the experiment may be over, though. “It’s pretty safe to say we’ve seen the last of that strategy here,” said Carlisle after the game. “The only Dallas team you’ll see using the ozone defense going forward will be the Cowboys.”


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