GIF: Gerald Henderson with a beautiful assist to a woman’s face


The Bobcats…does anything else really need to be said? In previous years, no. But the east is so hilariously bad this year that the Bobcats have been as high as the 5th playoff seed, with a losing record. Yeah. It’s like Conference USA turned pro and became the rest of the Eastern conference after the Pacers and Heat.

So they’re sort of kind maybe legit. A little. Or at least, they were. Until Gerald Henderson changed all that, and brought back the old #BobcatSwag with one pass.

At one point, Henderson drove to the basketball and kicked out to the wing.

This is what happened:


Too bad the woman couldn’t hold on to the ball, she was wide open for an easy triple. Or at least, that’s what Gerald thought.

Thankfully, she’s okay. Here’s a longer look at the play:

(GIF and Video via

We’re going to miss you next year, Bobcats. Basketball just won’t be the same with out you.

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  1. mm


    He didn’t even check to see if she was OK? What a dick.

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