GIF: Chris Paul alley oop to DeAndre Jordan…oh crap.


On Wednesday, Doc Rivers came back to the team he quit was traded fro…oh, right, he admitted he quit. So that was right. Never mind. He came back to Boston with his new team, the floppers Clippers.

The Celtics had a special video tribute honoring Doc Rivers and what he did with the original “we didn’t purchase ours, we traded for them, because that’s so much different than what the Heat did” Big 3.

But the Clippers had something had even more special in mind. In the first quarter, Chris Paul threw a typical alley oop to DeAndre Jordan.

What wasn’t so typical, was the ending:


Oh crap. Damnit. Someone get the broom.

Oh wait…these aren’t out fat out of shape white guys. Never mind. They got it.

Here’s video of the alley oops. Wedgie!

(GIF and Video via

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