Peyton Manning + Eli Manning + Rap = Awfully great or greatly awful?


Football commercials usually consist of two things: beer, chicks, and how to fix your problems with beer or chicks (okay, that’s three, four, maybe a lot more things). Most of them are either great, or awful (some are great because they’re so awful). The return of football not only means the return of football, but also the return of greedy corporations looking to make big bucks, no whammies from the insane popularity of NFL football.

DirecTV decided to add Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and rap together and see what kind of monster they could create. No, it’s not a QB with two heads that spits rhymes at you…it’s a music video. This DirecTV music video featuring Peyton and Eli is at one of those two extremes. It’s either funny or horrifying (or again, funny because it’s so horrifying). Judge for yourself, the full “music video” is below:

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