What were the Vegas odds of Peyton Manning’s pick six?


Peyton Manning threw a pick against the Jaguars. That seems pretty rare, right? But it could happen, off a fluke bounce or something. Well it wasn’t even a fluke, it was just a terrible throw. And it wasn’t just a pick? It was a SCHAUB. Peyton Manning was pick sixed by the JAGUARS. What were the odds of such insanity?

First, the throw:


(GIF via @BuzzFeedSports)

Yeah. Not pretty. What were the Vegas odds on this Haley’s Comet type event?

Here’s some odds from Vegas, including that, of other extreme events happening:

The 2013 Broncos go 19-0 1: 100

The Jaguars actually win a game 1: 100,000

Jay Cutler smiles for more than 2 seconds 1: 150,000

A-Rod found completely innocent on all steroid charges 1: 200,000

The Mets winning more than 80 games any time in the next decade 1: 250,000

A hockey fan says “Thank you Gary Bettman for everything you did for the NHL!” 1: 500,000

Adam Sandler stops making movies and apologizes for his entire career after Happy Gilmore and the Waterboy 1: 999,999

Chris Bosh actually being straight 1: 1,000,000

Disney World North Korea opening 1: 2,500,000

Savannah State beats Alabama football 126-0 1: 5,000,000

LeBron James returns to Cleveland after being signed by GM David Stern 1: 1 billion

Johnny Manziel becoming an abstinent sober preacher 1: 10 billion

The government ending the shut down and doing something that people actually like  1: 50 billion

Jesus returning to life and kicking Tim Tebow in the nuts 1: 100 billion

The Cubs winning the 2014 World Series over the Astros 1: jillion

The Bobcats go 82-0, go undefeated through the playoffs, and LeBron demands a trade there after the 2013-14 season 1: 100 jillion

Derrick Rose returning (again) and actually playing more than two games 1: 999 jillion

Peyton Manning being pick sixed by the Jaguars 1: gazillion

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