PIC: Artist’s rendering of Cleveland if LeBron returns to Miami


They say the wait is the hardest part. And it is, considering the LeBron is torturing the world Guantanamo Bay style by waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and….well you get the idea. Waiting. And we don’t mean Ryan Reynolds style waiting (although that is a good movie).

Speculation of what will occur before LeBron decides has already ensued, like this:

Admittedly, that’d be one hell of a song.

There’s speculation elsewhere as well. What happens if LeBron decides to biggest dicktease in the history of the planet to Cleveland and goes back to Miami anyway?

Here’s an artist’s rendering of what Cleveland would look like if that happens:


The one person still alive? Johnny Manziel of course.

If thousands and thousands and thousands of gallons of alcohol and a ton of cocaine baking powder can’t kill him, surely a little thing like a post LeBron apocalypse can’t take him down.

Stay busy while you’re waiting for LeBron to stop being such a girl (which could be a while) with our:

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