PIC: Brewers Fan Rushes Derek Jeter On Field


We are a little more than one month into the Derek Jeter Retirement Tour and teams are scrambling for unique gifts to lavish the future Hall of Famer with. In Milawukee, Jeter was given the gift of “OH MY GOD! HAS THIS LUNATIC COME OUT HERE TO KILL ME?!?” Yes, a drunk Brewers fan – our apologies for being redundant – leapt onto the field of play at Miller Park and approached the Yankees captain while he was standing at shortstop.


(Photos courtesy

In retrospect, we should not be too surprised. By now, it is clear that anyone who wears a Ryan Braun jersey is immune to embarrassment.

In a NOTSportsCenter exclusive, we have obtained the paper that can be seen poking out from atop the fan’s rear pocket revealing his “To Do List”….


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