PIC: Detroit Tigers Bringing Back Zubaz


The Detroit Tigers have gone back to the future to bring back a fashion trend that is so old it is ALMOST old enough to remember the last time the team won a World Series.

To see it on only one human (particularly one as pudgy as Miguel Cabrera) it is an odd sight. On a whole group of them, it is disturbing. They look like a knockoff Jabbawockeez tour. But, hey….whatever takes people’s attention away from Max Scherzer’s creepy eyes.


How far will it go? Twitter user Todd Radom may have given us a glimpse into a future few will want to live for.

Maybe the Tigers’ Zubaz is this year’s version of the Red Sox’ beards. If they win it all, maybe the Zubaz (like many of those Boston beards) will be retired. If not, they will hopefully be burned.

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