PIC: Johnny Manziel’s text inbox since being named starter


The Browns have finally done it. No they haven’t won a Super Bowl, are you insane? Unless you count toilets, then yes, the Browns have been to and won several Super Bowls.

But after to several failed experiments at starter, including with Brian Hoyer and Connor Shaw (story: they have finally promoted Johnny Clipboard to Johnny Starter.

And his phone has been very busy since the announcement:

There were several other #NSFW texts that came in that we weren’t able to show you, from Brian Hoyer’s wife, from Katherine McCarron, from plenty of others, showing their true infatuation with the Money Man.

Let’s say they looked a little something like this:


Which means we aren’t far from this:


If this QB thing doesn’t work out, he’s always got a career in alcoholism. And then he could even come back to QBing later.

Worked for Kyle Orton. He’s not only one of the NFL’s #NOTSCTop10 most obnoxious drunks (, he’s also a starter.

If you think he’s drunk in Cleveland, imagine him in Buffalo in 2025. Looking forward to it.

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