PIC: Kobe Bryant isn’t a fan of being photographed with these Lakers


Things were looking so promising for the Lakers. Then the season started. Since then, it’s been one nightmare after another, including paying Kobe Bryan about $5 million per game played and giving up a billion points per game on defense (not an exaggeration.)

Today was team photo today. Lakers coaches, players, and yes, Kobe himself, got together for a team photo that should make for some great fire starting material after the season is over.

As you can imagine, Kobe was less than thrilled by being caught on camera with this team:


(Pic via @Lakers)

Kobe: “Yeah, these fools are lucky I haven’t dropped a nuclear bomb on this place. Yet.”

Here’s another picture they took after Kobe left the room:


Lookin’ good, guys. Keep it up the good work.

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