PIC: LeBron’s text inbox is filled with free agency ideas


Since losing in the Finals, the question about LeBron James is: how many all stars will it take for LeBron James to get to the center of a tootsie pop win that much coveted third ring so that he can match his number of Finals losses with wins. 3. 4. 6. 8?

Or maybe…15?

Just imagine, LeBron can sit on the bench, play 0 minutes all year, have his team go 82-0 and win the title, and then have people call him the best player of all time for it. Or the best cheerleader, but Derrick Rose probably has that title permanently locked up.

Needless to say some of his friends couldn’t resist some good natured ribbing after he lost in the Finals:

Dwyane Hibbert is pretty cruel…to Roy Hibbert.

But now his phone is blowing up with other players across the league courting the King of Hype:


Interesting recruiting strategies to get LeBron to say the least. LeBron’s probably a fan of Melo for $5, he can fit millions of all stars on one team for that price.

But can any of them top the rapping Grandpa from Cleveland who rapped about getting LeBron back? (Video:

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