PIC: LeBron’s text inbox before making his decision


The world is waiting on pins and needles for LeBron James to make up his @*%@%-ing mind already. It’s been 10 days! TEN! 10 minutes is too long to wait for a decision in 2014.

We have hours upon hours to kill checking the internet for the latest info but we expect it done in 10 minutes because “we don’t have time to wait.” #AmericaLogic

We’ve been teased with possible information about “oh it’s the Cavs” or “oh it’s the Heat” or “oh it’s the WNBA” over and over. Like this:

Needless to say, like NBA fans and people sick of ESPN blowing up their phones and social media with LeBron’s latest bowel movement and the impact it has on his decision, other players are getting antsy too.

LeBron’s phone has been blowing up with players and others wanting to know WTF the deal is:


Personal texts from Midol? LeBron really is the King.

Boy is the world ever going to be in for a surprise when they launch that Spurs plan.

Stay busy while LeBron takes 9 more years to make up his mind and pay homage to the possible end of the Big 3 era with our

#NOTSCTop10 funniest LeBron flops as a Heat player:

Pic of LeBron’s inbox when half the league was begging for him to join:

GIF of LeBron and Bosh taking Wade into the WWE ring and finishing it once and for all:

 #NOTSCTop10 dumbest Heat fan tweets of the Big 3 era:


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