PIC: Mike Woodson’s phone after getting fired by the Knicks


In a move that even Stevie Wonder could see coming, the Knicks fired Mike Woodson and anyone on his coaching staff, including his water boys, on April 21. They’re trying to do anything they can to keep Carmelo Anthony from bolting.

They even went to some rather unorthodox methods:

Is that legal? “Of course it is, we’ll sue you for even suggesting it isn’t,” said Jackson’s attorney. Okay then.

In true Knicks fashion, they went 1 for 8 in actual decapitations, so it’s a moot point anyway. Except for that one water boy. #RIP

So they wanted to be sure Woodson was gone:

And after a second firing, Woodson’s phone started blowing up:

Phil’s since texted him “you’re fired” about 53 more times. And counting.

Can’t you tell how much the Knicks players love Woodson? Touching tribute by JR.

Hey Steve Kerr: you might want to take the hint. Seriously. Get out now. Before it’s too late.

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