PIC: Craigslist ad searching for Paul George’s “missing talent”


It hasn’t been easy for the Indiana¬†Sixers Pacers over the last month. They went from being on top of the Eastern Conference world after beating their #1 nemesis the Heat, to tanking harder than the Philadelphia 76ers could ever hope to. And this team is supposed to be competing for a title, not Andrew Wiggins.

Early reports suggest one potential theory on the Pacers’ problem:

They’re still awaiting the results. Remember: always get tested, and get tested early. Or you too could forget what a basketball is for.

A Pacers fan is trying something different. He’s searching for Paul George’s missing talent. And where else would you go to find something that’s been missing?



(pic via @SBNationNBA)

It’s always in the last place you look. Perhaps it’s in a shoe somewhere? Under the couch maybe?

They better find it and find it fast, because reports suggest the Heat are working out new officials to potentially join their roster before the playoffs, so the Pacers are going to need Paul George and anything else they can find. But if Evan Turner gave them Sixer, it won’t even matter. It’s already over.


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