PIC: Rams coach Jeff Fisher’s text inbox since Sam Bradford’s injury


Another Sam Bradford injury means another stretch of games the Rams have to play Wheel O’ QB with a bunch of guys you wouldn’t even want on your roster in Madden Franchise mode.

The last time a Rams QB tore an ACL in the preseason, some guy named Kurt Warner came out of nowhere to dominate an entire season, including beating now current Rams coach Jeff Fisher in the Super Bowl (you know what they say: if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em 12 years later).

This time they’ve got Shaun Hill, whose greatest accomplishment is that he was a backup QB for the Lions and did NOT run out of the back of his own end zone when he actually played.

As a result, Jeff Fisher’s phone has been blowing up with QBs, TEs that call themselves QBs, and random restaurant employees wanting a chance to take Bradford’s spot:

You have to wonder what Mark Sanchez is trying to say. Guess we’ll never know :(

Sam Bradford did make it on our #NOTSCTop10 funniest NFL GIFs from the 2013 season:

Sad he won’t get a chance to go back to back. Get healthy and hurry back Sam, the world needs your GIF material. Oh and the Rams need you to pla…never mind.

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