PIC: Sleeping Yankees Fan Cares Not For Your Rivalry Talk


Not sure if you have heard the news but the Red Sox and Yankees are playing each other on national television again. The media pines longingly over this matchup while most fans of the other 28 teams make a collective wanking motion.

As it turns out, even fans of those two teams may not find these games are enticing as those national outlets insist they are.  With New York holding an early lead on Boston in the rubber matchup at Yankee Stadium, this fan was….let’s call it unenthused.

Not a good look for the Yankees franchise, not that the front office cares. They already have his money.  In fact, they have twice the money from him, forcing him to pay for two seats (seats 5 & 6) since he cannot fit into just one. Furthermore, he likely had to pay $15 for a beer just to have a cup with which to collect his drool as he drifted off into indifference.

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