PIC: Tim Howard’s text inbox after his performance vs Belgium


Tim Howard going Dikembe Mutombo all over the World Cup’s unsuspecting asses and keeping Belgium from beating the US 177-0, has been all the talk since the U.S. was eliminated.

There were a number of very funny in game memes created on it (which you can see here in our #NOTSCTop10:

But as you can imagine, his phone has been blowing up since the game.

Everyone across all sports wants tips and tricks and help with saves:


Wouldn’t the Astros going to AA actually be a promotion?


Roger Goodell has put a hit out on the intern that texted Howard from NFL’s phone. Welp. Nice knowin ya kid. #RIP

And uh oh…Suarez is still on the prowl. Looks like FIFA deciding not to put him down could back fire.

What will happen next? Will Luis Suarez attack Tim Howard and Terminus? Or can Rick Grimes save the day again? Find out next season, on the Walking Dead.

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