PIC: Tim Lincecum has a new job after his 2nd Padres no-hitter


When you hear the name Tim Lincecum, usually the first thing you think of is weed (and no, we don’t have any or have ever bought any for any policemen reading this). Well now when you hear his name you think of two things: no-hitters and the Padres.

He’s now no-hit the Padres twice. An impressive feat seemingly (especially when you consider his entire arm was donated to Cooperstown after his no-hitter last year: , til you consider this:

Poor Tim, always gets screwed somehow :(

But never fear. To make up for this, according to Wikipedia he’s been offered a new role with the Padres since he knows so much about them:


(Pic via @juntalan25)

Finally, some true leadership. Maybe now they won’t get no-hit by a batting practice tee (oh who are we kidding, that’ll still happen).

Remember kids: don’t smoke weed or you could do awful things like grow up to pitch 2 no-hitters or become owner of a baseball team. Winners don’t do that.

For more fun with Tim Lincecum check out the arm donated article ( or his appearance (with a special guest) in our top 10 images from MLB’s photo day:


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