PIC: White House petition to keep Carmelo Anthony out of Miami


As you might be aware of, people aren’t the biggest fans of the Heat or Heat fans. People always hate big winners. If you aren’t aware, welcome back to planet Earth, how was life on Mars for the last 10 years? There’s…been some changes.

With the latest made up rumor report being that the Heat are now trying to acquire Carmelo Anthony too, people aren’t happy. Why do the Heat want Carmelo Anthony to begin with? LeBron has “no help”:

How could anyone be expected to win with a group like that?

So naturally the thought of adding Carmelo Anthony on top of all of that has people up in arms. One twitter user knows exactly where to take his problem with it.

To the White House.


(via @mheims)

Melo would kill the American Dream, he’s been killing Knicks dreams for far too long now. But 56 minutes? That’s underestimating it by 4 minutes.

If you’d like to actually sign it, go here: Carmelo Petition

This isn’t the first time NBA fans have taken their problems to the White House, one Spurs fan was dead set on keeping Tony Romo away:

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