PIC: White House petition to keep Tony Romo from Spurs games


Tony Romo somehow, someway, showed up to Game 6 between the Clippers and Thunder. How Clipper officials were willing to actually let him in, we don’t know. But as we all know, the moment you do, it’s over. And sure enough:

He’s piled up quite a list of victims this year:

The Serge Ibaka injury was only one part of the Romo infection. Kevin Durant’s now in Stage 4 Romo. He’s close to the point of no return.

So one Spurs fan has seen enough, and filed an official white house petition to keep Romo the hell away from their games:



If you’re a Spurs fan and want to actually sign the petition so that you can also blame Obama when he does nothing and Romo still shows up and you lose because of it, you can do so here: RomoPetition

While they’re trying to keep him from Spurs games, the world is taking quite the opposite approach as far as Heat games go:

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