PIC: Yankees Pitcher Michael Pineda Using Pine Tar?


Micheal Pineda has balls….and those balls are covered in pine tar.

This might be hard to believe, but tonight’s Red Sox-Yankees game was on national television. Even harder to believe is that it appears Pineda chose to boldly and blatantly doctor baseballs despite that spotlight.


Of course, the unusual substance on the palm of his hand was not the first obvious evidence of something suspicious. It was a Yankees starting pitcher having a good outing. The Yankees are certainly not taking last year’s postseason absence lightly. They have plenty of unspent money in their illegal substances budget this season now that Alex Rodriguez is out of action. Looking at Pineda and Sabathia, they have transitioned from PEDs to pine tar and appetite suppressants.

Some speculated that Pineda’s actions were an homage to Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester’s World Series pitch doctoring, yet he was in full denial mode after leaving the game with 4-1 lead. Not wanting to be embarrassed with a reputation for doctoring pitches, the left-handed hurler admitted that the substance on his hand was the result of an unfortunate bathroom experience which left him without enough toilet paper to finish the job. He shared more details, but no reporter could stand recording any more without violently dry heaving.

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