PIC: Young Mets fan’s note asking Jesus why he made them so bad


Some kids have it really rough going up. Some can’t afford to eat, some can’t afford to go school, and some of the really unfortunate grow up as Mets fans thanks to their parents/family/friends’ affiliation with the team.

As you might imagine, it’s really rough growing up dealing with the horrifying pain of being a Mets fan.


Poor Mets fans :(

So a poor kid named Charlie who happens to be a Mets fan turned to one person who is supposed to have all the answers on why is team is just so bad every single year.

He turned to Jesus.

(H/T @Deadspin)

This one is probably out of even Jesus’ reach. Sorry kid.

But hey…it could be worse: you could be a Cubs fan. There’s no recovering from that.

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