PICS: Cavs owner Dan Gilbert’s new letter to LeBron James


Cavs owner Dan Gilbert’s letter to the “self-proclaimed” King after LeBron dipped out in Cleveland in 2010 was the subject of much ridicule, and with good reason. After all, a guy worth millions and millions and millions wrote a letter in Comic Sans font. COMIC SANS. It’s the font of Cleveland sports.

He ripped, and ripped, and ripped LeBron some more, making one of the most ridiculous promises in the history of sports.

Well with rumors circulating that Mr. James is set to return to Cleveland, it’s got Cavs fans all excited and monitoring google around the clock:

Let us know if you figure out that last one.

As far as the original letter goes, has been removed from the Cavs official website.

But Dan Gilbert did not stop there. After all, this is Cleveland’s last chance to be relevant in sports for decades or even centuries, he’s got to go all out.

NOTSC has obtained exclusive pictures of a new letter written to Mr. James from Dan Gilbert.

This one sounds a LOT different. And yes, it’s also written in Comic Sans.



Good luck Mr. Gilbert. As with anything attempting to be successful in Cleveland sports, you’ll need it. A lot of it.

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