PICS: Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady rip Roy Hibbert


The 2014 NBA playoffs have been known mainly for one thing: ripping Pacers All Star only because I stuffed the ballet myself C Roy Hibbert to absolute shreds. This time retired players Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady even got in on the act. Apparently bench cheerleaders get pretty catty with each other.

With the Wizards beginning their series with the Pacers, Arenas’ mocked Hibbert’s tires commercial on Instagram with the caption “Roy’s Goodyear tires commercial lmao..they sent that big ass tire becuz y’all some bump trucks..#wizkids ain’t the’s gonna be trouble trouble”

Once the third quarter ended, Arenas threw up this picture:

That’s actually what he finished with, which made this true for the second time in the playoffs:

Retired F Tracy McGrady made sure to point out that like everyone else on the planet, he matched him:

Ouch. Hibbert’s doing about as much in the second round as you did, McGrady. Unless you count all those high five stats with the Spurs.

Finally, Arenas even used 2K to mock Hibbert with the caption “Damn he can’t even score on me in a video game..this is SO REAL lmaooo #getthatshitouttahere”:

Yikes. No wonder “L.Bird” put Hibbert up for sale on Amazon. (PIC:

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