PICS: John Brooks’ updated Wikipedia after his winning goal


You know by now that the United States defeated Ghana in their first match of the 2014 World Cup, thanks to John Brooks’ game winning header. If you DON’T know by now, what are you doing ignoring soccer? You’re not supposed to be doing that until AFTER the World Cup.

Needless to say for the rest of the world, there was much excitement…as you can see in this vine of Clint Dempsey’s first goal set to the Team America: World Police soundtrack:

Here’s what it looked like outside John Brooks’ hotel room shortly after the game ended:

Looks like SOMEONE is in for a fun night.

Meanwhile for the rest of us, it’s drink, drink, and drink some more, like this bar did after Brooks scored:

(Vine via @HoustonDynamo)

Wow. So many party fouls. You guys better drink all that up, or at least call Johnny Manziel or Gronk to do it for you.

So the only remaining step in celebrating was of course, updating John Brooks’ wikipedia:


(Pic via @VicTafur)


The mobile wikipedia had a slightly different take:


(Pic via @DuendeTOP)

When you get put up with the likes of Chuck Norris, JFK, and Lincoln, you know you’ve won life.

For more fun from #USAvsGhana be sure to check this vine out if you haven’t yet…America, F– yeah:

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