PICS: Johnny Manziel sexual harassment “lawsuit”


If you thought the Johnny Manziel madness was going to stop after he left Texas A&M, well you very clearly haven’t been paying attention to the internet for the last two years. And yet you made it to this website. #MindBlown

When Manziel got drafted by the Browns, the train wreck disaster potential rocketed off the charts. And we haven’t even made it to football season yet and it’s already begun.

Johnny has been sued for $25,000,000 by someone pretending to be Dr. Drew’s female co-host. Despite that it was actually filed in court in Florida, it’s pretty clearly a bogus lawsuit and somewhat NSFWish but it’s quite funny.

Guest appearences in this lawsuit include Jason Collins and Judereon Clowney. Yes, that’s how “she” spelled it.




Seems he needs to update his nickname to Johnny “Motion in the Ocean” Football.

But it’s not all bad. He’s even gotten new endorsement opportunities from it:

And he’s already updated his jersey number:

Those NFL scouts that were worried about his size clearly must’ve been female.

For more Johnny “Size doesn’t matter” Manziel fun, check out our #NOTSCTop10 funniest Manziel tweets from the first night of the NFL Draft:

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