PICS: Nebraska coach Bo Pelini brought a cat to their spring game


If there’s one thing Nebraska ¬†coach Bo Pelini knows, it’s going 8-4. He’s been doing it for years now, and then daring his school to fire him, and they never can do it. Some wonder why.

Well wonder no more.

To get his team fired up for his spring game, he did the only thing anyone could possibly do. Give some inspiring speech? No. Embarrass himself with some dance he doesn’t even know how to pronounce the name of? No, that’s for after they actually win a big game (they could be waiting a while). None of that. He did something much better.

He brought a cat.

That’s right, inspired by his parody account’s avi (which you can see below), he actually brought a cat to walk the team out of the tunnel before Nebraska’s spring game.


Jay Cutler’s seriously jealous.

(pic via @FauxPelini)

Here’s the real Bo and his cat:


The coach on the left: “Who is my boss, Bo or the cat? Probably the cat.”

(pic via @Huskers)

He didn’t just walk him to the field however.

They even had a Lion King moment:


“It’s the circle…the circle of…cat?”

(pic via @ErinSorensen)


Naturally the highlight of Nebraska’s football season comes off the field at a Spring Game.

No word on if Pelini did any Oh Long Johnsoning with the cat, he’s probably saving that for when they play Oklahoma.

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