PICS: Steelers fan in jail wants Chargers removed from playoffs


The Steelers missed the playoffs thanks to some botched officiating (what a surprise in the NFL, right?), but mainly thanks to losing 8 games. You don’t lose 8 games, you don’t find yourself needing the Kansas City YMCA to knock off the Chargers just to sneak into the playoffs. But that’s what happened.

So Steelers fan, Daniel Spuck, mailed a hand-written injuction to Pennsylvania court trying to have the playoffs stopped for a week to 10 days so that either Ryan Succop can re-kick or they can play Steelers vs Chargers on a neutral field to determined. Why hand-written? He’s in jail, of course. Where else would a Steelers fan be?

He also of course wants money…for Roger Goodell and the refs’ negligence. Hey, give us some while you’re at it. They’ve damaged all of us at some point this year.

Here’s his full, hand-written injunction:



(Pics via

Looks like some of Vince Young’s school work.

This has even less a chance of working than the Browns do of winning a Super Bowl this millenium (for one, he didn’t pay a filing fee.). Good try, good effort though.

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  1. Matthew Hallberg


    this guy looks like wines hard. anyways, you cant lose like 6 games in a row then blame not going to the playoffs on the refs. bitch tactics from steelers fans.

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