PICS: The only Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez jerseys worth wearing


It’s been a rough time for quarterbacks in New York in the last few years. Eli Manning, Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and the Wheel O’ Buffalo QBs have set quarterback play back 50 years with their endless string of sacks and interceptions (this would be where Giant fans would remind us of Eli’s 2 rings, and we’d remind them that those rings didn’t keep him from getting picked off by everyone in the entire country last year).

Odds are you wouldn’t be caught dead in Eli Manning or Mark Sanchez jersey, especially Sanchez now that he’s finally no longer in the lea…wait the Eagles picked him up? Really? Did they need a new janitor? Perhaps Chip Kelly wanted to see how many interceptions Mark could rapid fire in his fast paced offense? It’s probably one of those.

But we’ve found two jerseys that anyone would love, by designer Alay Patel that show Eli and Mark’s true colors.

First Eli:


Awesome. You can’t see the ball because the Seahawks have it.

Now here’s the one for Mark Sanchez.

He’s no longer a Jet but this is a true momento of when Mark made NFL history by creating a new type of turnover:


A truly historic day in both NFL history, and our nation’s history. #NeverForget

You can see more jerseys by Alay Patel that aren’t as funny but are still pretty damn cool by going here: PatelJerseys

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