PICS: The Rockets’ wikipedia after Damian Lillard’s game winner


The Rockets took the lead on the Blazers with .9 left and everyone thought sure the series would go to a Game 7 like every series except the Heat and the Wizards (Seriously, that’s not actually a joke…insane isn’t it? The Lakers, Celtics, and Knicks can’t even make the playoffs while the Bobcats and Wizards did and the Wizards even won a series. Guess it’s time to go ring counting again. Well..except the Knicks.)

And then Damian Lillard said: “Nah. Dwight Howard needs to go home and change his tampon,” and then did this:

(Vine via @WildSportsVines)


Even soon to be former Clippers owner Donald Sterling was impressed:

Lillard then ran up to Dwight and told him to his face about needing to change his tampon:


We can’t say what Lillard said exactly, let’s just say the word for female dog was used a lot here.

The Houston Rockets’ wikipedia was immediately updated after Lillard’s shot to reflect a change in management:

The Rockets would probably like Adam Silver to ban him for life too.

Not only that, Lillard’s wikipedia was also updated:


(Pic via

Is being a cold blooded killer worth a suspension? No, only a push to the face is. #ZachRandolphProblems

Looks like Lillard wasn’t kidding about not wanting to be one of those “ringless fools” in his commercial (Video:

Whoever Lillard gets next better watch out, he’s out for blood.

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