SOURCE: Gregg Popovich considering sitting entire team during NBA Finals


Back in November, Spurs head-coach Gregg Popovich decided to sit Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green for a nationally televised game with the Miami Heat. Many believed this decision was a protest towards David Stern for scheduling this key match-up as the fourth road game in five nights for the Spurs.

Well, according to sources close to Popovich, he may be at it again.

“If the Heat advance, he’s considering sitting the whole team for the entire NBA finals, just to screw with David Stern,” the source said. “He said he can’t wait to see Stern’s face when zero Spurs ever show up to the arena on game night. He’s knows it’s risky and that it may cost them each game by a score of 750 to 0. They’ll probably get swept.”

As our interview with source went on, we learned Popovich might not go that extreme and is exploring alternative ways to agitate Stern, such as having the team wear custom made jerseys that say San Antonio Sperms on the front. “He’s particularly fond of that idea,” the source said.

Or, he may go more traditional routes. “He’s talked a lot about wet willies. Or maybe he’ll depants Stern during a press conference. He’s also not totally opposed to lighting a bag of dog crap on fire outside Stern’s office.”

Of course, these strategies hinge entirely on whether or not Miami advances. If the Indiana Pacers advance, nobody will watch anyway.

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