NOTSportsCenter Sues GIF-Maker Over “Flappy Dickey”


Popular (or so we’ve heard) pornography web site PornHub has filed suit against the maker of a popular gif due to a trademark claim on the name “Flappy Dickey”. Here is the gif in question.

GIF courtesy @TheWonderBat

The smut site has compiled an entire category of videos under the description “Flappy Dickey” catering to those visitors whose fetish involves men whose “bats” are more limp than those of the Marlins. They claim introduction of the gif by this name has made it more difficult for the 18 weirdos who might be interested in such an perversion to find their site via a Google search.

They initially tried to settle without getting lawyers involved since self-gratification is a staple of their industry, but found themselves unable to finish. That is when they called in their legal team of Binder, Banger & Dash to run a legal train on the defendant.

When notified that he might be named as a co-defendant, Toronto Blue Jays knuckleballer and inspiration for the gif R.A. Dickey responded, “I could not be more angered about being associated with such a horribly embarrassing and offensive entity, but enough about Flappy Bird.”

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