Pothead NFL logos: What if all 32 NFL logos smoked weed?


The 3 words you’ve been longing to hear since the clock struck 0 on that Seattle massacre in New York in February: FOOTBALL IS BACK. Thank God. And nothing celebrates the fact more than a nice blunt. At least that’s what Josh Gordon would say.

Knowing that, David Rappoccio, the same guy who has done many excellent NFL logo packages that we’ve used to make fun of all of the teams in the NFL (for example, all 32 NFL logos if they were fat: to try to feed that never ending football itch, now gives us even more fun with NFL logos.

In honor of Josh Gordon, Dave wondered what would NFL logos look like if they smoked weed? He’s taken all the logos and turned them into major potheads. As with all the logo remixes we feature, they’re broken down by a division per page. Check ‘em all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

Again, to be clear, all of the logo pictures are done by @DrawPlayDave at

The captions are ours, the drawings are his.



AFC East



“Bro. You’re telling me we traded Logan Mankins for a backup TE? Hahahaha good one. Pass the Doritos.”



Just like everything else involving Jets passes, it won’t be only the Jets touching this logo.




It’s what Dolphin fans have been looking for for years: a way to support the team without actually going to the games.




The logo’s actually had a medicinal marijuana prescription for years: helps him deal with the pain of watching the Bills.


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