GIF: Chris Johnson, Pseudo-Tough Guy


It was another amusing display of hubris involving baseball’s mysterious (and absurd) unwritten rules resulting in the traditional bench-clearing midfield mosh pit. However, this showdown in Miami featured an impressive twist on the typical pseudo-tough guy routine common in these mock shows of force that inevitably have less actual combat than Civil War reenactments.

Focus on Braves third baseman Chris Johnson, running in from his position to “go after” Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, whom he had been feuding with earlier in the game.  Johnson runs past the fracas and comes back to it allowing the home plate umpire to take the vanguard position against the 21 year old pitcher. While one would like to see him come out of his break a little sharper, it’s the kind of hitch route that could end up earning him a tryout with the New York Jets.

braves_marlins(GIF courtesy

He wasn’t done there, however. After making a hand gesture towards Fernandez, watch him shrink away to the back of the pack allowing seemingly every player on the Braves current roster, Dale Murphy, Bob Horner, Glenn Hubbard, Phil Niekro, Claudell Washington, Ted Turner and Chief Noc-A-Homa to jump into the fracas ahead of him.

So congratulations, Chis Johnson. You are our Dr Pepper TEN Pseudo-Tough Guy of the Week!

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