GIFs: Yasiel Puig or Adam Wainwright: Who flipped it better?


Is Yasiel Puig a hot dog thumbing his nose at the old school “get off my lawn” elitists or just an exuberant enigma bringing life to a game outsiders look at as slow and methodical?

If you are still on the fence, consider how he celebrates what we must assume to be baseball’s first three-base home run.


(GIF courtesy

A youthful expression of relief after breaking a NLCS-opening 0-for-10 drought or a spotlight-craving showboat?

Regardless, it’s time to play everyone’s favorite game show….


Who had the better bat flip from Game 3 of this year’s NLCS?

Contestant #1: Yasiel Puig


(GIF courtesy @jose3030)

Contender #2: Adam Wainwright


(GIF courtesy @jose3030)

We’ll go with Wainwright. Anyone who tries to take out those damned Hollywood paparazzi gets our vote.

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