GIF: Seahawks P Jon Ryan tries to tackle, gets obliterated


Holding for a field goal isn’t always fun. You have to get the snap down perfectly (LACES OUT!!!!), or you could cost your team points or even a playoff win (see also: Romo, Tony).

And when the field goal gets blocked and the other team picks it up? You probably need to go try to tackle the guy or you’ll get blamed (Or they’ll just blame Jay Cutler.).

After Stephen Hauschka’s field goal got blocked, Seahawks punter Jon Ryan tried doing just that. It got a little….messy. This is how it ended:


(GIF via @BuzzFeedSports)

Punters are people too, Colts. And you know what a perfectly legal monster hit means: a perfectly monster fine from Roger Goodell. Because, player safety. Duh.

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